The MINI Museum

of XXI Century Arts


the mini museum

  1. -a case;

  2. -a 7'' digital photo frame;

  3. -a remote control;

  4. -a kick stand;

  5. -a user manual;

  6. -a 4 GB USB pen drive;

  7. -an adaptor;

  8. -a universal adaptor.





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The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts (also known as MMAXXI) is a 7'' digital photo frame bought on eBay equipped with a 4GB pen drive. Founded and directed by Domenico Quaranta, the MINI Museum will travel from node to node around a network of artists, and will host temporary solo shows by the artist owning it at the time. All the artworks shown in the MINI Museum will enter the permanent collection of the Museum itself. The Museum will return to the Director when there is no more storage space left. The process is scheduled to start on October 15, 2010, when the MINI Museum will officially be given to its first “temporary owner”.

The MINI Museum addresses issues of copyright, ownership, networking, versioning, sharing, curating, collecting and displaying, but also of space and time, scale, history-making, preserving and forgetting.

Only the “temporary owner” of the MINI Museum can decide who the next one will be. He or she might choose to lend it to a close friend, or to somebody they just met. But the artist may also choose to pick up a name from a growing list of applicants. If you are interested in joining this list, please send us an email at the following address: With luck, you could be the next one.

To stay updated about the MINI Museum activities, visit our blog.

The MINI Museum is proudly sponsored by the LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age


The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts